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This is our fake "saga" about our RuneQuest in Glorantha campaign.  The characters are mainly from the Taraling clan of the Colymar Tribe, and so far we are following "canned" adventures.


The actual saga is a not very serious mashup, including parts of Beowulf (Seamus Heaney translation), The Odyssey (Emily Miller), and other fun stuff, including Jane Austen.  So far written by me, Morgan Conrad.  I'm running the Lagertha character, who is loosely based on the historical and TV character.


Spoiler Alert: Much content comes from various Chaosium or various Jonstown Compendium publications.


The Saga


  1. Preface                a mock scholarly preface to the saga

  2. Introduction           Introducing the characters

  3. 01_1625_EarthSeason    Defense of Apple Lane

  4. 02_1625_DarkSeason     Dark Season 1625               Defense of the Sacred Cattle

  5. 03_1625_Storm1         Storm Season 1625 session 1

  6. 04_1625_Storm2         Storm Season 1625 session 2

  7. 05_1625_Storm3         Storm Season 1625 session 3    Yezerum Storn defeated

  8. 06_1625_Storm4         Storm Season 1625 session 4    Rattling Wind solved

  9. 07_1626_Sea1          Wedding Tragedy

  10. 09_1626_Sea2          Towards the Smoking Ruins

  11. 10_1626_Sea3          Battle at the Smoking Ruins

  12. 11_1626_Sea4          Kallyr's failed Short Lightbringer's Quest

  13. 12_1626_Fire1         Rainbow Mounds

  14. 13_1626_Fire2         Second Battle of Dangerford 

  15. 14_1626_Earth1        Funeral of Kallyr Starbrow
  16. 15_1626_Earth2        Pegasus Plateau part 1
  17. 16_1626_Earth3        Pegasus Plateau part 2
  18. 17_1626_Earth4        Preparations for the journey to Pavis
  19. 18_1626_Dark1         The Spear goes East
  20. 19_1626_Dark2         The Spear Tacks Southeast
  21. 20_1626_Dark3         Iron Men, Wooden Carts, and Gorp Fishing
  22. 21_1626_Dark4         Descent into Madness beneath the Devil's Playground  


Songs related to the Saga


  1. Someday Soon               A young woman (commonly attributed to Lagertha) longs for Argrath

  2. Ill Be Your Lagertha       The two great love stories of the Hero Wars 

  3. Baugi Take Me Away         Written by Lagertha for Baugi and Brightflower's Wedding 

  4. Lagertha's Farewell to Argrath  

  5. Night They Drove Queen Kallyr Down

  6. Leika's Rebuke Of Argrath  Written after the Battle of the Queens

  7. Woodstock                                    Prelude to Kallyr's (failed) Heroquest
  8. ThatsHowIKnew          Sung by Leika at Kallyr's Eulogy   
  9. In Sweet Heler's Morning Rain          Argrath laments Lagertha's departure
  10. Sorala's Raven                           Sorala meets a strange being while doing her research in Pavis
  11. Khan Orat                                           Ill-fated followup expedition into the Devil's Playground






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